Lauris Olson*for  Story County Supervisor

Primary candidate to represent Democrats in the general election  


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​​​It's almost time to Vote

Primary election is June 7

You cqn change your party affiliation to vote for me by  requesting the Democratic ballot at your polling place.

You may ask to switch back on June 14, after the primary results are certified.

For more information, Click here to go to the Story County Auditor & Commissioner of Elections website

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between the candidates

Recent Endorsements

Tom Corrieri  Lauris Olson will be ready from the get-go 

Mary Ann Dilla    Why I am voting for Olson      

Matthew Goodman  Olson understands local government  or  Goodman vide

Jim Popken  Olson advocates for open government and citizen involvement  

Francis Todey  Olson understands roadways' importance


      Thank you, all. I am so appreciative.

     As you read these, I believe you will see that the authors and you have at least one thing in common - a desire to have well informed, knowledgeable and forward-thinking local elected officials.

     If you have the time to read my goals and visions, I believe that you will see how together, we can create the future. 



     Please help me get elected to the Story County Board of Supervisors so we can begin. 

       Step 1 - The June 7 Democratic primary. I need your vote. Plus the votes of your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. So tell everyone, the June 7 primary is an important one locally. Click here for information on voting in the primary.

​Thank you     Lauris 

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