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     Hello, I am Lauris Olson.

      I am asking you to elect me to the Story County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 4.    

     We are our county government - You, I, your neighbor and the approximately 92,000 other people who live in Story County, Iowa. But many of us don’t know much about it, especially the county board of supervisors, or spend time thinking about it.

 I invite you to learn more by using this website, my video blog, my electronic newsletter and my social media updates as well as the links embedded throughout this site. I hope your new knowledge will lead you to share my conviction that it is time to mold Story County and the Story County Board of Supervisors into an entity that truly embraces PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT, BEST PRACTICES and a 21st CENTURY VISION.  

     And I hope you will become convinced that I am your best choice to lead the effort. 

Thank you in advance for your time, your attention and your vote.



Cost for my opponents to be the top two vote-getters and become new supervisors in 2010

My goal - Rely on grassroots, person-to-person connections and expenditures of less than $15,000 to win, underscoring my stance that supervisors should be part-time public servants, not career politicians, and the cost of winning the honor should reflect that public service status.

Iowa Campaign Disclosure Reports for cash & in-kind donations for Paul Toot- D ($24,103.51) and Rick Sanders- R ($21,284.96) filed with Iowa Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board in 2010, 2011 & 2012 


Combined number of votes the incumbents received to become supervisors in 2010

My goal - 24,000 votes, earning the support of not only independents but many partisan-inclined voters, reinforcing the idea that citizens shouldn't need a political party affiliation to be able to serve as a local elected official.

*Paul Toot- D (16,123), Rick Sanders -R (15,580). Non-winning candidates: Lucy Martin -D (13,333), Jason V. Covey - R (10,976)

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Olson - One of 2

You can choose two in the Story County Supervisors race.

Make Lauris Olson one of your two.

 of note...

I'll be in Zearing and Gilbert Saturday, July 26. The Zearing Days parade starts at 10:30 a.m., with plenty of activities the rest of the day.  I'll be having fun taking in the Gilbert Day activities in the afternoon . If you are there too, I'd love to say "hello" and have you sign my nomination petition.

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Public Involvement

Best Practices

  • The $150,000, Conflict-of-Interest Proposal
  • Holiday processing of a CAFO application
  • The settlement motion without a name, an amount and an explanation* 

...and More

Public Involvement.Best Practices.21st Century Vision.

I am
Focused on citizen-driven budgeting, procedures and programs. Committed to streamlining access and increasing the use of technology. Dedicated to creating affordable housing and public transportation countywide. Motivated to replace the 3 “fulltime” supervisors with 5 “part-time” ones and hire a professional manager.

$ 66,052
Annual salary for each member of the current three-member board of supervisors

Story County is the state's 9th largest county by population. Story County Supervisors' salaries are the 3rd highest in the state.

My immediate goal - Apply my substantial understanding of local governments and experiences as a manager and leader to continuously improve day-to-day operations and the delivery of county services.Visit the About page to learn more about me.

My long-term goals -  1) Transition day-to-day oversight of operations and services to a professional manager, redirecting most of the $200,000 combined supervisors’ salaries to the manager and dividing the remainder among the supervisors. 2) Increase the number of supervisors to five, elected by district. Visit the 5 Supervisors & Professional Management page to learn more.