Together, We Did!

Top: Story County Supervisor candidate Lauris Olson (left), and Earl and Johnie Hammond praise Pepper, their granddaughter’s dog, for his good behavior during a recent visit at Northcrest Community in Ames. Johnie Hammond, a former Story County Supervisor and state senator, is one of several current and local elected officals that have endorsed Olson in the three-way race for the full term seat on the November ballot. Photo by Kesia Hanson 

Press release 8.2.16 Read what Johnie Hammond, State Senator Herman Quirmbach, State Representative Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, former Ames City Council member Matthew Goodman, and former Soil and Water Commissioner Erwin Klaashad to say. Also see who else is helping Lauris' campaign. 

Ames Tribune 8.5.16 Olson receives party support from leaders in board of supervisors race

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"Residents should have no worries. Story County is on solid footing to handle transition and deserves a team where​​ all offer ideas."              

Below: Helping Story County Democrats Central Committee member Andy Bock register delegates at the July 9 reconvened county convention.

Above: Meeting Vice-Presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine and his wife, Anne Holton, former Virginia Sec. of Education on Sept. 19 at ISU.

Right: Making my opening remarks at the Collegiate Presbyterian Church on Oct. 23.

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       I am humbled by the outpouring of encouragement and support I received as I sought to serve my fellow residents by serving as a Story County supervisor. We proved that “Together We Can.” I owe so many people my thanks. My deep appreciation to • Old friends, new friends and some friends I have yet to meet. • Those who publically endorsed me. • My Family. I know many of my family members are watching from afar. • My mother, Nancy Olson, my sister, Lisa Corbeille, and brother-in-law, Steve Corbeille, traveled from Green Bay for the last few days of doorknocking and behind the scenes work. They were busy, busy bees dressed in purple. • My husband, Kerry Whisnant. He kept our household on an even keel while recruiting and managing over 250 sign locations, partnered with me to knock on 4,500 doors, listened to my campaign tales and championed my candidacy.  This is as much his victory as it is mine. • The leadership, staff and volunteers of the Democratic party that supported me and worked to get the word out about me and my message. 
       I am humbled by the trust that you have placed in me and will work every day to see that I don’t disappoint you. 


Elected Officials Endorse Olson:   
Campaign cabinet also filled with local experience

 Website Paid for by Lauris Olson for Supervisor. MaryAnn Dilla,  Treasurer

Primary Win

Lauris Olson: 1,519 votes (55.1 %)  Reno Berg: 1,232 votes (44.6 %)

"Story County Democrats hit the polls Tuesday [June 7] and elected Lauris Olson to represent the party in the general election this fall for a seat on the Story County Board of Supervisors that is being vacated by Supervisor Wayne Clinton."


Ames Tribune 6.8.16 Olson claims victory in Story County Board of Supervisors primary

Lauris Olson 17,403    Scott Schaben 16,826     Wayne Clinton 9,115   

 ​Lauris' Plan to Lead

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Left: Chatting with Story County Democrats secretary Tom Beell. Below: Stopping into Coordinated Campaign Headquarters to say "hello" to the phone canvassers and IDP organizer for Ames Tyson Vitale.

 Campaign Highlights

Left & below: Introducing Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, II of Missouri at the Coordinated Campaign Kickoff event on July 10.


                      South Central Iowa Federation

of Labor, AFL-CIO

president Mark Cooper sent Olson notice of the federation's endorsement in an Oct. 19 letter.
    The SCIFL, AFL-CIO is comprised of 62 union affiliates, including ones representing Story County residents. These affiliates include American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 96 representing ISU Clerical Employees and the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) public sector branch, Public Professional & Maintenance Employees Local 2003, which represents Story County employees covered under the Administrative, Conservation, Secondary Roads, Sheriff's Deputies and Sheriff's Command Staff union contracts.
     In his letter, Cooper noted the endorsement was a result of the answers Olson had completed on a questionnaire and an approval vote from at least 2/3 of the federation's delegates.
      Olson has been a member of three labor union locals representing food service industry employees in the states of Alaska, Minnesota and New York at various times in 1979 to 1996. Read questionnaire & endorsement letter.

 Lauris Olson for  Story County Supervisor

The Democratic Party's nominee for the 4-year seat

Having Fun with my Four-Legged Friends

New Endorsement

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